Tube & Fitting Scaffolding

Tube & Fitting Scaffolding

Burflex Scaffolding has worked on projects of all shapes and sizes, often using traditional tube and fitting, and scaffold systems. From large scale commercial developments to small one-off installations, we’re confident that we have exactly what you need to make your project happen, no matter where in the UK it’s taking place.

A range of materials

With each job differing from the next, we ensure that we always have a wide availability of scaffolding materials. It is this versatility and forward planning that allows us to deliver a range of services, with a popular type being traditional tube and fitting scaffold systems.

Options available

With traditional tube and fitting scaffold arrangements, you can choose from either a progressive installation that can respond to access needs and timetables, or the fully boarded variety. Whatever the case, you benefit from expert analysis, planning and implementation by a team of friendly and helpful specialists.

Adaptable and reliable, Quality materials

The reason that tube and fitting scaffolding has been around for some time is that it’s a time-tested and adaptable solution. Perfect for large, complex building sites and cramped, awkward spaces alike, this traditional system is highly responsive and has countless applications.

The tubes are available in strong yet lightweight aluminium, which is ideal for easy transportation and handling, or a hot-dipped galvanised steel option, which offers a greater diversity of applications. Both are robust and manufactured to industry standards and British legislation, guaranteeing safe and effective usage from inception to completion.

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