Temporary Roofing

Temporary Roofing

Some scaffolding sites require a temporary roof to protect the project from dust and debris, damage from the environment, or just good old-fashioned British weather. By adding a strong and weather-resistant roof, Burflex Scaffolding can help you to extend the working day and significantly reduce project lead times. As with all of our scaffolding solutions, our temporary roofs comply with industry standards and meet the expectations of the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation and the Health and Safety Executive. This guarantees that everything remains stable and secure throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Improving the wellbeing of workers

Sometimes the site itself may not require a roof, but the addition of one will significantly benefit those who access and work on it. From the location of the project to the time of year, multiple unavoidable factors can turn what should be smooth operations into potential project over-run.

Plus when it comes to wind, rain and low temperatures, a lack of shelter could result in anything from sick days to potential incidents. With temporary roofing protecting staff, you’re investing in their wellbeing and safety.

Productivity and time management

When you put in place actions and precautions designed to protect your site and its people, you’ll reap secondary rewards. The ongoing health and safety of workers, especially when there are visible indicators, often leads to improved productivity and time management. This is due to the site layout aiding efficiency, combined with the motivational power of employee satisfaction.

A highly adaptable solution

Over the years, as technology, designs and materials have advanced, so too have their applications. Temporary roofs used to be relatively small installations, but today Burflex Scaffolding can accommodate larger areas without obstructing work on the ground.

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