Heritage Scaffolding

Heritage Scaffolding

Burflex provides scaffolding solutions for heritage projects. Heritage projects involve the restoration or preservation of historic buildings or structures, and often require scaffolding to provide access to different areas of the building and ensure worker safety.


Historic buildings and structures require special care and protection during restoration or preservation. Our scaffolding is designed to protect the building or structure from damage during the scaffolding process.
Whatever the case, we’re here to discuss which kind of arrangement will best suit your specific requirements, timeframe and budget.


Heritage projects often require scaffolding that blends in with the surrounding environment and does not detract from the appearance of the historic building or structure. Burflex scaffolding provides scaffolding solutions that are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to minimize the visual impact on the building or structure.


Heritage projects often require workers to access difficult-to-reach areas of historic buildings or structures. Burflex scaffolding provides safe and secure access to all areas of the heritage site, including areas that are high up or difficult to access.

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