Designs & Calculations

Designs & Calculations

Before any physical work commences, every aspect of a job needs to be intricately planned. This is where years of experience, technical know-how and strategic thinking will be implemented before commencement of any project. Using state-of-the-art technology, we engage with specialists to design and calculate your project from the ground up. This allows us to plot every element, responding to the surroundings, specific requirements and potential scenarios that would require alterations. By analysing the data and calculating the process from start to finish, we can present our customers with a course of action that is equal parts safe, convenient, affordable and efficient.

Professional programming

We use Smart Scaffolder CAD software, which allows the engineers to produce scaffolding designs and test them to TG:20, the standard demanded by industry bodies such as the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation and the Health and Safety Executive. Knowing that everything we produce is compliant to industry standards isn’t just for peace of mind, it can realistically prevent disaster and save lives.

Following the rendering and testing of the 3D design, we produce 2D working drawings. These demonstrate the plans and elevations of every aspect of the project, including loading bays, staircases, birdcages and internal walls. By seeing how everything fits together and works in unison, under different circumstances and during a range of scenarios, you benefit from the confidence of knowing that you’re receiving a bespoke system.

Putting the plans into place

Following any amends to the designs, we get cracking with turning the plans into reality. To achieve this, we work closely with your project lead, keeping you in the loop and responding to any queries throughout the process.

Burflex Scaffolding holds safety, compliance and customer satisfaction as core principles, so everything we do takes into account multiple factors. In 100% of cases, there are unique features and components that need to be actively addressed, which is why we never offer a blanket solution without looking at the nitty-gritty of the project.

Only by designing, testing and creating a tailored system can we guarantee a project that adheres to all health and safety measures, whilst sticking to an agreed timeframe and budget.

Two-way conversation

We want to know exactly what it is you need, when you need it by and how much you expect it to cost. To start the discussion, get in touch and together we’ll go over your project and agree on the ideal course of action.

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