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£50 Million Flood Alleviation Scheme In Leeds Now Open

The first phase of the £50 million Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme opened earlier this month (October 4th), comprising state-of-the-art mechanical weirs, flood walls and embankments that stretch 4.5km through the city, and the merging of the river and the canal.

According to Premier Construction News, the first phase of the scheme has been delivered by BAM Nuttall and Mott MacDonald – and is one of the biggest river flood alleviation schemes in the country.

This is also the first time that moveable weirs have been used in the UK to help alleviate floods. The gates are supported by inflatable neoprene bladders that will be lowered when high rivers are predicted. Additionally, Knostrop Cut – a manmade island that separated the canal and river – has been removed to improve the bottleneck for flows.

Andy Judson, project manager for BAM Nuttall, was quoted by the news source as saying: “We’ve had a really strong ‘one team’ ethos on this project. We’ve all been co-located and understood that by working together, we would get the job finished on time and on budget.”

“We estimated that there are around 125,000 people who have live or work within sight of the project, so there are an awful lot of stakeholders and an awful lot of careful management that has gone into looking after people.”

Leeds has had a couple of very close calls when it comes to flooding in the past so this scheme certainly seems worthwhile. Just this year, in fact, 4cm of rain fell in a single hour and flash flooding caused travel disruption in east Leeds, with roads submerged, a supermarket flooded and rail delays between York and Manchester.

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